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05 focus and guarddog autostart issues

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I have an 05 z4 focus and I purchased an auto-start for it. I believe I have it correctly installed. The key is chipped so I also added a key to the bypass and ran the wires around the ignition. When I plug the power into the auto-start, it blinks the lights 3 times and that is that. I get nothing beyond that. I get lights on the remote, but it is like the remote does nothing. I have unplugged and re-plugged. I still get the three blinks. I have tried the moving the key back and forth 5 times with the break applied and I get no response from the auto-start.

The only wire I am not sure on is the black and red one. That is for the factory antitheft disarm. I attached it to a thin black wire with a white stripe coming out of the driver door. It was giving me a red light when I tested it with the kit included wire tester.

What should I be looking for in trying to fix this? Anyone have any experience with this type of auto start? Just want a basic auto start to help warm up the car this winter.

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I have plenty of remote start experience, but zero experience with "Guarddog". I will say that the key bypass with the wire ring to put around the ignition is INCREDIBLY out of date and so unreliable. I don't know what specific model you have, but I know the type. If possible, we snip the ring off and hardwire those two wires to the factory transponder ring. A heck of a lot more dependable. But this is really only done on VWs now-a-days. The Flashlogic FLCAN or the XpressKit (DEI) DBALL are really all anyone uses anymore. These are FAR FAR more powerful and do NOT require that a key be installed in them.

My first suggestion would be to insert the key into the key cylinder, but do not turn it. Now activate the remote start. if it starts, then you know you problem is the bypass you have rigged up. If it still doesn't start, then look elsewhere for your problem.

Honestly, it's very tough for anyone to help you over the internet with a problem like this. I suggest taking it to a professional.
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