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Just today, this morning, I got my car back from the repair shop. A month ago to the day, I crashed into the back of an FJ Cruiser. After the impact (everyone was fine), while trying to move my car off the freeway, my car would start up, but the automatic gear shifter was completely non-responsive. It would slide from P to 1 without resistance or apparent effect to the gear the car was in - the car would only move forward in that slow, idle-speed way.

My car was towed to the auto body shop (I put the car in neutral, just in case it mattered) and I told the body shop about the wacky shifter.

Today, a month later, they give me the total damage bill:
Impact Absorber/Bar
Radiator (all of it)
FL Fender
Front Body Shield
Air Bag Restraint Control Module (even though they didn't deploy)
Driver's Seatbelt
Driver's Door (ZX3)
Driver's Door Mirror
The frame was checked and confirmed ok.
SRS Control Unit and Transfer Data (old unit to new unit)

Now, half of that makes sense to me, I'm not a gear-nut, but I do love my car dearly. I drove my car from the shop to work, and only after 45 minutes on the freeway did I notice hard shifting. From a stop, the car pounds hard out of nuetral and the whole car vibrates violently for a second before slipping into Drive. I know this isn't good and it never happened before.

On a phone conversation mid-repair, I asked about the wacky gear shifter. I was told they reconnected power to the vehicle and it worked fine. Reconnect power? Did they yank out the batterey and put it back in? I was relieved that they said what I experienced was a non-problem.

However, now, the car definitely struggles getting out of a dead stop. That hard oomphf can't be good, and the shakes feel downright destructive.

Also, the Overdrive On/Off light keeps blinking on the instrument panel, even though the button for it on the Gear Shifter operates normally.

I have an appointment to return to the body shop this coming Thursday - my work and school schedule precludes returning the car any sooner - however, if my car breaks down while I'm on the road, then my schedule get's dumped out the window by default.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

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Does it come out of gear while driving and pop back in? The O/D off light blinking means check transmission. My car popped in and out of gear and sometimes took a second to start going (popping into gear). It was a shift solenoid. I would take it to a transmission shop. Shift solenoid A installed was $130 at the shop I went to. Dont know if that is a good deal or not but it gives you an idea of how much it may cost. If thats your problem.... Hope this helps you. good luck.
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