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Haven't posted lately. Here are a few recent photos of my '04 InfraRed ZX5 SVT #676. I lowered it on K-sports earlier this year and love the way the car rides and handles and it looks so much better lowered. the K-sports offer great adjustments allowing you to go super low without sacrificing a ton of driveablilty. I added Massive Adjustable End Links as well and those also came in clutch when it came to cleaning up the clunkiness over bumps and such. I added SPC rear camber arms as well and got the specs almost back to factory. Hoping to save my tires :D Its not slammed by any means but it's where i like it and it doesnt rub 24/7. Car currently has 198,550 miles on the clock and running strong. Enjoy the shots!

This Is a shot of me leaving the Lingenfelter Cars & Coffee in early June.

Another from C&C

A nice Iphone Roller [twothumbs]

Random booty shot from a Focus Meet

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