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I'm really panicking. My 03 focus zx5 hasn't given me any trouble until today. It has 240, 000 km's on her but for the first time today while accelerating from a stop, she skipped out of gear on 3rd gear. engine revved like it was in neutral. Then after letting the rpm's slow she popped into 1st or 2nd. I accelerated and she was fine. I got home and parked her. tonight I decided to see if the issue would happen again so I drove her and sure enough same thing. She would be ok in 1st and 2nd then wouldn't pop into 3rd. After a couple of tries she started going into gear no problem. My question is what can cause this? Is my tranny burned? Am I going to need to overhaul her? Or is it that she may need the tranny fluid changed? is it a sensor or solonoid?

I'm panicking here because I need her so I can go to work and back!!!
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