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This car has been acting crazy for over a year now. It's my 2003 Focus wagon with the 2.3 Duratec. The dash lights: engine light, door ajar, seat belt, airbag, abs, and whatever other lights all light up and flicker even without the key in the ignition, and the BCM/GEM beeps randomly when the ignition is off. It ruined my battery, so I installed a kill switch cutting off everything inside the car. So a few days ago an officer told me my plate lights were out. The lenses over the plate fill up with dirt which I've cleaned out once already, so I thought that was the problem again. Well I popped them out and 1 bulb looked good just old, but the other 1 was broken. I replaced them both and they still didn't work so I changed the fuse. They worked long enough for me to walk to the front and back to the back again when I noticed I had no tail or plate lights. After changing another fuse my left tail light and plate lights came back on, but no right tail light. That's when I noticed my rear wiper wasn't working, I don't even know when that went out bc I never use it. I actually ran a wire up into the roof from the left to the right tail light and that worked. Now I've been reading posts on Focus Fanatics for almost 2 years saying how common it is for the wires in the boot above the hatch to go bad, but I was too stubborn to think it could happen to me. Yesterday I took my time and did it right, I slid the boot down into the roof so that I didn't have to cut it up and I could still use it. I removed the trim panels from the left side so I could pull the headliner down and shove the boot down into the ceiling, also removed the hatch door trim panels so I could loosen up the wiring behind them to free up some slack. Then I pulled out the high mount brake light because the washer fluid hose was keeping me from getting the slack I needed to work on the wires. I checked all the wires as far up and down as I could. There were 4 wires broken completely and all the rest except 1 were cracked and exposed. I added about 8 inches of extra wire to all the broken ones and taped up the frayed ones, I'll go back and add extra length to those this weekend. This didn't stop all the gremlins in my instrument panel (engine and seat belt lights are still dimly lit when the ignition is off), but my plate lights, right rear running/signal lights, rear wiper, and even the hatch button on the dash - that hasn't worked this whole time, are all working fine now. The only thing that's still not working is the hatch button on the outside of the hatch itself but I'll live with that for now. Well here's some pics of just how bad the damage was, and what my repair job looked like before I used half a roll of electrical tape to seal it all back up. I still have to add more lengths of wire as I mentioned, before I run the boot back up into place and reinstall all my trim panels.
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