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So I was on my way home from work last night and there was a new 4dr v6 accord beside me the whole way... well we got to end of the Causeway and while at a light I just felt like he was going to try to run the focus... Not sure he would because there is usually a cop sitting just ahead parked in the construction area up ahead I tried to think otherwise but the light turned green and we went...

I didn't really get any kind of a killer launch... It was a little sloppy... kinda one fo those "oh we're racing..." Kinda deals...

Well suprisingly my launch set my front bumper a foot or two behind his front bumper but my shift into second brought me right back up completely even and my shift into 3rd actually put me slowly pulling... But my own conscience told me to back off at about 65mph (Speed LIMIT) and I did so thinking there was definitely going to be a cop up ahead... Well... There wasn't which makes me almost wish I didn't because there was still about another 1500ft or so where it would have been nice to see how the rest would have went... or atleast how long I could have pulled before that Vtec 6cyl would have started to pull on me...


I have to say I'm pretty impressed with my Foci yet again... I'm running with just a K&N Panel Filter, Fresh Oil w/Lucas Racing stabilizer
(doubt it does anything to really help but it feels smoother), New plugs, wires... and I have a feeling that the resonator might have been removed by the person who had it before... exhaust seems somewhat louder/free'er flowing than a normal zx3... I dunno... Not trying to big up the focus too much because I really haven't anything to it.....but I was really impressed... as was the Accord driver too after we both met up at the following light at veterans...

His car was an Auto which I believe all of the new 4dr's are... and my Zx3 is a 5spd...

Well anyways... that's my story... Chalk up another kill for the foci! [cheers]

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