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Quick question,

I am pretty sure my Power steering pump is going bad, The tensionair keeps kicking because something has a blown bearing, so not only is it causing a strange woooing sound, but when turning left, not hard, just normally, I can feel the steering like nudging towards one way or the other.

Also I noticed that with the belt off, I can put my hand on the pulley for the P/S, and pull it in and out about 3/4th of an inch.

Is this good or bad, I heard the shaft and pulley are both pressed into the steering pump, and should not have any play at all? Is this true, and does is sound like to you guys like the P/S is probably my problem?

I checked the alt, and she seems just fine, my water pump is brand new, the A/C spins fine, the idler pulley seems like it may be due, tensionair is new, but other then that, I think it has to be the P/S pump?

Thank you all,

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