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  1. General Technical Chat
    So I know that there are numerous posts on this issue, a lot with the same similar issues as mine, but no actual conclusions that I found. Plus my gf didn’t like me sitting here reading all the other forums…she said post your issue so you only have to check one post. So I have hanging revs, I...
  2. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    When I first bought my car (which I love!) 7 years ago we went to put new tires on it. The mechanic warned us that Ford Focus' are notorious for eating up rotors. Well, it turns out he was right! My husband has to put new rotors on it almost every year. :-( If this is true, is it just for...
  3. MK1 Focus
    i have a 2002 ford focus the zx5 version. my car doesn't have a check engine light on, but i have a rough idle when it warms up. rpms start fluctuating low and eventually it stalls. any suggestions? I replaced the pcv hose, pcv valve, throttle position sensor, cleaned the maf sensor, replaced...
  4. Ford Focus Builds & General Showroom
    My car shutoff in the middle of an intersection today. I thought it was a fuel problem because it has thrown a fuel pressure sensor code. I haven’t changed it yet, today when it died it turned on and would seem to die when I stepped on the gas then it would start then die immediately I finally...
  5. ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    Hi I have a 2003 ford focus zx5 and I've been wanting to do some things to increase performance of the engine I always see alot of good info in these threads but where would I start and what would be a good idea for a 17 year old engine with 130,000 miles on it. Any ideas on where I could start?
  6. New Members Check In!
    Sydney doesn't quite have 120,000 miles on him. He's a wonderful car. I'm good about changing the oil, and getting air in the tires. But that's all I regularly do. In general, I'd like to know how to keep him going for another 120,000 miles. There are also a few things that aren't working right...
  7. General Technical Chat
    So I’m having trouble finding the correct wiring harness that fits my 03 ZX5. Any ideas on where I would get it? I’m trying to install an aftermarket radio. Here is a picture of the connections. Any and all help is helpful Thanks.
  8. 2004 Focus ZX5

    Charcoal Color Fully Loaded
  9. Want To Buy
    Suspension kit for 07 ZX5 Looking for a suspension kit that will take my 07 ZX5 out of the clouds. Not too worried about performance, but also don't want to just change springs, but shocks and struts as well.
  10. Want To Buy
    I'm looking to buy a focus perferably: -Low mileage -Clean, Taken care of -Stock for the most part -Zx5, Zx3 if its nice enough -Comp Orange!!! Black is good too, silver is okay -WOULD PERFER AN EAP CAR BUT... I've got a decent budget, and really want to give one of these cars a good home...
  11. Trunk

    12" mtx subwoofer
  12. Led

    6000k led license plate bulbs
  13. Trunk

    12" mtx subwoofer
  14. Led

    6000k led license plate bulbs
1-19 of 48 Results