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  1. DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    Hey everyone, I’m new around here. Just bought a zx4 ST with the intentions of modding it, any thoughts on good first mods? I’ve heard that the suspension on 06+ models of the old ST’s are pretty soft.
  2. Pepper 05 ZX4 ST

    Pepper is my 05 Focus ZX4 ST. 2.3l 5 speed. 230k miles. Pitch black. Tinted windows. Chrome wheels.

    Yellow Fogs
  4. 07 zx4 st

    zx4 st
  5. Ford_Focus3

    2007 ZX4 ST- all stock except for SRI
  6. IMG_06052

  7. IMG_06041

  8. IMG_0603

  9. IMG_06021

  10. IMG_06011

  11. IMG_05991

  12. IMG_0542

1-12 of 13 Results