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  1. My roll over project

    in the paint booth
  2. My roll over project

    my junk yard roof. this was very time consuming to do. many measurments and cutting and drilling spot welds. i cut all 3 layers of steel in differnt places on each post to make it stronger.
  3. My roll over project

    Rolled 05 focus zx4 se. finally its fixed tho.
  4. My roll over project

    Rolled 05 focus zx4 se, man this baby is naked now. everyone tried to talk me into making a convertible lol i went with a hard top tho.
  5. My roll over project

    i decided to build a strut tower bar lol, the car hadnt even been painted yet
  6. My roll over project

    In the paint booth. i took forever on this project. but it was finished last jan just now finally posting pix
1-6 of 6 Results