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ztw 2003 orange plastidip

  1. this ones kinda cool

    this ones kinda cool

    when i dipped the grille. theres a tunnn of pollen on the hood. looks terrible lol
  2. beenie baby

    beenie baby

    my mom gave me that beenie baby so i hung it from the car lol.
  3. another pic

    another pic

    the rims almost look red.
  4. before all that crazy stuff

    before all that crazy stuff

    im thinking about putting my car back to this. i think it looked good like this actually. black rims. mmhmm lol
  5. ugh. my dad lol

    ugh. my dad lol

    my dad did this on photoshop lol
  6. newest version

    newest version

    i dipped the grille orange. it came out pretty good, but....the look still doesnt really fit the car. something off. lol
  7. front view of the bumper.

    front view of the bumper.

    yup doesnt really go with the car.
  8. just another shot.

    just another shot.

    looks pretty cool i think.
  9. orange rims baby! lol

    orange rims baby! lol

    i dipped the rims orange and added glosifier to it. it looks ok but ....still not the look im going for.