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  1. ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    hey guys I just got an automatic 02 zts with 245k on it. Just replaced the seals on the cam,crank, intake manifold, also brand new sparks and wires, tps, iac, i even cleaned the thottle body it looks brand new. Idk what else to tends to just want to accelerat on its own.
  2. General Technical Chat
    Hi howdy y'all! My name is Turtle, and I have a 2004 Focus ZTS names Fran (you should check her out on my showcase!) Anyways, she's been an extremely good car, but just this last night, it happened. The dreaded engine light. So, I took her over to AutoZone after work today, and, to my...
  3. Ooh a little focus named Fran.

    I was gifted my little Fran for my birthday by a close family friend. Fran is a good little car, with some neat history. While there are several things I do not know about her, I do know that she has been overseas while the previous owner was deployed in the US Air Force. She's a little 4 door...
  4. 2003 Zts

    2003 Ford Focus Zts, leather sunroof, heated seats, trac control, side air bags, 5 speed, Zetec, 16" 5 spoke wheels.115,000 miles.
  5. Stock ZTS 5-spd

    My 01 ZTS. 16" aftermarket MSR wheels, Straight-piped 2 1/2" catback with 'Y' chrome tip. Starting upgrades soon.
  6. General Technical Chat
    Hi, guys. I have Ford focus 1 zts USA , 2000 , 2.0 zetec and I have some trouble with my ATX(4F27E). It makes some noise(whizz) and delay in gear shifting., when I push break and then accelerate. There is no noise if I just accelerate without breaking. It happens mostly after breaking and...
  7. Brand New ZTS

    This is my ZTS, purchased 10/03/03. Advance Trac, Gunmetal Leather, Full Sport Package, 4 Wheel ABS Disc, Blaupunkt, Weather Package Etc.
1-8 of 9 Results