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zetec 2.0

  1. Boosting a Zetec with an auto transmission

    MK1 Focus
    So I’ve been wanting to get the fswerks turbo kits for my 2002 ford Focus wagon with a Zetec. The company was telling me that there would be too much power for the auto transmission to handle. Is this true? If so is there a safe amount of boost I could possibly run it on so my transmission...
  2. My 01 focus SE made a loud bang and oil is everywhere

    ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    Hello focus fanatics, I'm new here to the page but I figured with this being my 3rd focus I might as well join. With that being said, I was just driving down the road when my car made a loud bang (I thought I might've ran something over) but I didn't. Then the car started making a sort of...
  3. FS: ‘01 5-spd wagon—parts/project

    MK1 Focus
    Yesterday I was hit and because the airbags went off it’s going to be written off. If not for them, I’d still have a good car and no injuries. (I’m talking to Ford about that.) Mechanically everything is perfect...radiator, engine, electric stuff, no frame damage. It still drives great. If you...
  4. Zetec 2.0

    Zetec 2.0

    Ford Racing Intake Manifold,Cold Air Intake.Stage 3 Ford Racing Cam,Cam Gears,65mm Throttle Body, Under Drive Pulley,4-2-1- Header,SS Catback Exhaust,High Flow Converter,SCT Super Chip,Screamin' Demon Coil,Ford Racing Wires
  5. Need help with tuning my automatic shift points???

    Focus Tuning Chat
    i bought a sf flash tuner for my 2000 ford focus zx3 2.0 zetec... Its pretty self explanitory but my car is shifting hard now.... is this normal??? it has some settings about shift pressure if im not mistaken but idk the optimal pressure??? can anybody help me??? and whats the best other...