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  1. Ford Focus Purchasing Center
    I have shy'ed away from Ford for decades after all the issues I had with my 93 Probe, 82 Mustang and 91 Ranger. But I must say I've driven the ST, and it's a lot of fun. Looking to get some input on what horror stories you guys and gals may have on these.
  2. Want To Buy
    Tagged object on road with my oil pan.. ? Did an emergency epoxy repair, but need a replacement oil pan. Let me know if you have a spare D20 oil pan you want to turn into some cash....
  3. Want To Buy
    I am looking to buy a set of Koni Yellow Shocks and Struts for the 2012-13 focus SE. Preferably under 35,000 miles on them.
  4. Want To Buy
    I am looking for some parts for my recent Comp Orange SVt zx5 purchase... Living here in the rust belt, I need: Hatch, not faded and no rust, decent condition Bumper, pretty faded, is cracked slightly Drivers side rocker, paint missing Passengers side door, some rust Possibly a back fender
  5. Want To Buy
    Hello, I am looking for just the rear-most section of the OEM exhaust, since the previous owner installed/welded this horrible canister muffler. Anyone with a stock muffler, please PM me. I am located in North County San Diego, CA. 92126. Thanks![thumb]
  6. Want To Buy
    Engine Located. Thanks NotReal [twothumbs] I bought a 2003 SVT Roller w/a good tranny. Motor was trashed and head was beyond repair. I am in Central Oklahoma, hoping to find one semi close to me, maybe a state away or so. I prefer an intact engine but I will entertain any and all offers. I did...
  7. Want To Buy
    Alright guys, new to this site. I have a 2003 zts. I bought it and found out it has four bent wheels. So I need either stock 16" wheels or cheap 16's. Really in a predicament here. I have four good 16" tires so I don't need anything with tires.
  8. Want To Buy
    I want to buy a reasonable used OEM, SVT front bumper with the black rubber part below the painted part of the bumper cover. The grill that has the Ford logo and fog lights that are not cracked. -What price should I expect to pay? -Are these parts expensive to ship? -Is there a Focus only junk...
  9. SVT Performance (2002-2004)
    1) Does anyone have an SVT for sale? 2) Is there anything that could possibly go wrong with the engine? i.e like dropping valve seats with the SPI
  10. Engine & Transmission Swap
    I've got a 2.0L SPI right now and want to drop in a SVT with a Getrag tranny with it. About how much do you guys think this would cost and if anyone is parting out a SVT and want to sell their engine?
1-10 of 19 Results