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  1. Wiring Issues

    ZETEC Performance (2000-2004)
    The infamous blowing of fuse 32 led me to check for some wiring issues, I was not happy with what I found. The previous owner has cut a lot of corners and I'm not sure what is going on here. On my 2001 ZX3's lift gate I found a wire spliced and connected to another. These wires being...
  2. 03 Wagon bubble wiring (I call my hatch the bubble)

    General Technical Chat
    This car has been acting crazy for over a year now. It's my 2003 Focus wagon with the 2.3 Duratec. The dash lights: engine light, door ajar, seat belt, airbag, abs, and whatever other lights all light up and flicker even without the key in the ignition, and the BCM/GEM beeps randomly when the...
  3. Wiring Trailer Lights

    General Technical Chat
    Since my ohm meter quit working i need some help on determining what wires to splice into. i have a 2000 ZX3. on the left tail light i got orange W/ white strip and a solid light blue wires. right side tail light is light blue W/ red strip and solid orange. trailer lights are: yellow= left turn...