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  1. MK3 Focus
    Hello I have decided to create this post as I already ran out of ideas how to fix my problem with not working front wipers in my ford focus mk3 2012 1.6 tdci. They stopped working about 1 month ago and seem to be dead from the electrical perspective. The rear wiper and front sprayer work. I...
  2. General Technical Chat
    Hello all, I have a 2015 Focus SE with about 70,000 miles on it and about two weeks ago, the front passenger side windshield wiper stopped functioning; the driver side and rear wipers function normally. Since then, I have replaced the wiper fuse, replaced the wiper motor itself, replaced my...
  3. MK3 Focus
    For a while now my Focus SE windshield wipers (fronts) have had a mind of their own. Regardless of switch position they will go at full speed. Even in the off position. Sometimes they wont come on at all. Usually I just pull out the fuse, number 18 in the engine box, and forget it until it...
1-3 of 3 Results