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  1. Considering a wheel swap with newer model.

    MK3 Focus
    I own a 2013 Focus SE Sedan, nicknamed the Millennium Focus. She's like her namesake in that, I put allot work of into her, more than the average owner (maybe not the average FF user, ha!). But by far one of the flaws that's always irked me is the stock tires and wheels from the MK3 era. Even on...
  2. KMC Bully 18” 2018 Titanium Hatchback

    MK3 Focus
    Is there any reason a 235/40R18 can’t fit on a 2018 Titanium. Apparently they can fit on STs and RSs. The matte bronze KMC Bully 18x8 are absolutely perfect, just what I’m looking for. I’m not sure about the backspace and offset though. Offset is 50mm on OEM wheels and 38mm on KMC. Backspace on...
  3. My New Wheels :D

    My New Wheels :D

    Pictures of my New 18" Bronze Racing Wheels & Bridgestone Potenza Re760 tires!