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  1. MK2 Focus
    So, i have Focus MK2, 1.6 tdci, with sunroof. I made another post one month ago (Water leaking in drivers footwell), same for water leaking, and i thought that i fixed my leak. And at first, i did, my sunroof drain pipe was clogged. So, after the fix, i tested it, with water hose, with loads of...
  2. MK2 Focus
    I have Ford Focus 1,6 tdci from 2005. I know it's kinda old car, but it runs perfectly and it has sentimental value for me. I have water leaking in my driver footwell, the carpet is soaking wet. And it's rain water. I replaced my windshield, was thinking that might be the problem, with...
  3. MK3 Focus
    Hi all, hoping to find some advice for my 63 plate Mk3 Zetec 1.0 ecoboost Focus. The car’s had a musty smell for a year or so, and it was being used by a family member so never realised. When I got it back I had a look under the carpets and in the boot well... car full of moisture and water...
  4. General Technical Chat
    My car has been left in a cold garage for about 2-3 weeks without being driven. When it came time to drive the car, the engine was very rough and jumpy. It stutters at idle and is even worse when backing up, very jerky. Could this be a problem with condensation, water in gas tank? i have went to...
1-4 of 6 Results