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  1. 03 Focus Duratec

    03 Focus Duratec

    This was my very first car and still is my favorite car to drive. During high school I attempted to kill it many times but failed in all. Since then it has been used as a unique build in everytown I've lived in and still turns heads when I give it gas.
  2. Wtb svt or zx3 turbo car

    Want To Buy
    Im looking for anything with the MK1 style body, preferably a ZX3 but will consider any others. I am currently deployed so i wont be able to get to your comments very quickly. but im looking for around 300hp min if it is a little less that's okay i will look at all offers. for sure turbo, not...
  3. Top Speed's quest for 800hp

    General Forced Induction
    Many of you probably already know about it, but we have recently started on a new build for a long time customer/friend of the shop. Before I get to deep into the new build, I want to give you a little history of the car, It is as follows: A few years ago, Jared brought it to us for us, in its...