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  1. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    I recently bought a 2014 Focus SE and I cannot figure out how to change the CC to MPH. I saw some stuff about Forscan but I wouldn’t know where to start with the different codes and such. If that’s even the correct term. I’ve searched lost of forums and I just need help lol.
  2. General Technical Chat
    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if they’ve had issues with the Sync system glitching when connected to Bluetooth? I’ve had mine stop working suddenly twice while connected to my iPhone and it will disconnect, and if I try to reconnect with immediately disconnect as soon as it connects. Then...
  3. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    My 2012 focus currently has version 3.1.4c (myford, non navigation) & when checking for updates on the Ford website, it says 'update available', but doesn't say what version it'd update to. More importantly, there is no download link, & the only option is 'dealer service'. I know others have...
  4. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    I just got this car and when I try to call someone through sync it tells me "no work number, call dad on cell?" And then calls the first person in my phone book. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Other voice commands seem to work fine. I've only owned this car for like a week.
  5. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Hello all, I have a question regarding the Sync head unit in the 2010 focuses. I bought a pre-amped sub off of a friend as well as an amp kit for a killer deal. I want to hook it up to my car, the thing is I’m not planning on going through the headache of splicing wires. Does the SYNC head unit...
  6. Audio & Video Equipment
    Having problems with my radio, I'm not getting power to the radio or the touch screen. All the fuses that I've checked look ok. the ones I've checked are as follows:# 85, #88 and # 79. Is there any others to check or does anyone else know of anything I can do? It has SYNC so I'm sure that just...
  7. Focus ST Interior Mods & Upgrades
    I can't hear anything from sync1 in my 2013 focus st, radio Works fine, phone connects to the car and everything but when I set the source on sync there is no sound coming from the speakers. For example, I can press the voice control button and everything works but I can't hear anything, even...
  8. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    My 2015 focus needs your help! I’m looking for insights on upgrading my basic sync system to an aftermarket unit. I can’t find much about the double DIN dash kits other than they’re either expensive or cheap. I don’t want to spend $150 bucks for a piece of plastic, and I certainly don’t want a...
  9. MK3 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Just bought a 2013 focus S that's the most base model car I've ever seen. The car has no steering wheel audio controls, cruise control, or sync built in. Is there any way that I can purchase a sync module, new steering wheel, new gauge cluster, and different display above the radio and have it...
  10. MK3 Focus
    Anyone change out the door speakers in their Mk3? Mine is a 2014 S model sedan. They are listed as woofers only. I don't want to install two ways and change the sound. Just want to update my door speakers. Maybe get some two ways and cut the wires to the tweeters? 6" woofers are not to be found...
  11. MK3 Focus
    Hello. I’m looking into upgrading my 2015 SE radio. Looked into sync to sync 3 and it’s a lil out of my price range. Interested in large screen, apple car play, and allows me to keep sync voice control, volume control, Bluetooth and backup camera. Looking for recommendations and advice . Willing...
  12. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Hello all, I’m looking for some advice. I heard that you can deactivate the factory bass roll-off feature Ford uses to protect the factory speakers in the BCM. I have never used FoCCCus so I would like to know if this is really possible and what software/hardware I would need to do it. I have a...
  13. passenger footwell fuse box description

    passenger footwell fuse box
  14. passenger footwell fuse box diagram

    passenger footwell fuse box
  15. passenger footwell fuse box

    passenger footwell fuse box
  16. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    hi all. just got my 08 focus ses today. bought it used and when i got home i released they forgot to put in the manual for the sync. so i've been playing around and reading online. got my phone hooked up and working via bluetooth. i have a little 512 MB sandisk sansa mp3 player that i'm...
  17. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Has anyone successfully installed the Metra Axxess AFSI-02 that let's you retain sync when installing an aftermarket head unit? I'm thinking about doing it and i was wondering if it was more trouble that it was worth.
1-17 of 20 Results