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  1. Focus SVT
    Hello all, I have been viewing the forum from afar for a while now, and have looked at and read every thread on this issue. I am out of ideas. The dreaded SVT flooding, hard start problem. I have a 2003 SVT, love it (most of the time), and it has been giving me some problems. I have 151,000...
  2. Focus SVT
    Hello, I have a 2003 Ford Focus SVT and I believe the bushing on the shifter is shot because it moves a lot in gear and I cannot get into reverse for the life of me, does anyone have any links to get some?
  3. Overseas Fanatics
    Hi there team FF, Is anyone here New Zealand based ? If so where abouts and what focus(es) do you have ? I'm based in Gisborne, with a 03 mk1 ST70 hatch and a 2012 focus trend (wife's car)
  4. MK1 Focus
    So im gonna start posting my Ecoboost journey in this forum , join in on the chat if you have questions or input. So the car is a 2006 focus zx3 2.0 duratec. The engine being installed is from a 2014 escape 2.0T. Alot has been done to the car already. About me , I work as an automotive...
  5. Focus SVT
    Good afternoon everyone, I hope all is well. I recently picked up my second focus as a daily driver. It’s a 2003 SVT. About a week ago, I downshifted to 3rd, heard a “pop” sound and then lost all my gears. Pretty sure it’s the shifter linkage. I had lost reverse a bit prior to this as well. I...
  6. Ford Focus Purchasing Center
    Need a cylinder head with cams and valves if you have one lmk
  7. Focus SVT
    Im looking for a used or new/aftermarket intake manifold for a 02 focus SVT. Anybody know where I can find one? Thank you
  8. Focus SVT
    So I have a bad O2 Sensor.. I am not sure which one it is but it is throwing the PO141 code.. I have checked the Fuse and everything seems to be OK there .. So Searching gout PN# I am finding some strange information so If anyone can help as to what are currently the correct Motorcraft...
  9. Want To Buy
    Hi I am in the process of rebuilding a 2003 SVT 2.0L Zetec VVT (170PS) Cylinder Head and I have 1 damaged Tappet Valve Bucket (Camshaft Bucket) Size 11.7456500 Part Number 2M5Z-6500-EA (Stamp Bucket 11775 (P530) if anyone has one available I would be grateful if you could sell it to me so I can...
  10. Focus SVT
    I need a new intercooler for my '02 Focus SVT Powerworks S/C setup. Do any of you have any recommendations for an aftermarket intercooler? I also need a new reservoir for the intercooler. I found that Top Speed makes a coolant and intercooler combo tank. Are there any other options out there...
  11. Focus SVT
    Purchased this car (2002 SVT) back in October and the P.O. did timing not too long ago. Apparently they messed it up and I have been dealing with a P1381 code for the past few months. I have read up on how to do timing taking into account the VCT system and have attempted to adjust the timing...
  12. Focus SVT
    So I own a 1990 cheyenne step side and this Saturday I’m going to take it and trade it for a 2003 focus zx3 svt, the thing is the guy thinks the head gasket is blown and also the heater hose and I’ve been doing a lot of research. But first things first the SVT I’m getting has 85k miles and he...
  13. General Technical Chat
    Right after signing the paperwork to purchase my SVT I got in and the check engine light came on. Hooked it up to an OBD scanner and got the P1518 code for the imrc and the P1000 code saying the catalyst and EVAP were not ready. Did they try and hide the IRMC from me? Also how hard is doing IRMC...
  14. General Technical Chat
    Hi All, In desperate need of a right engine mount for the SVT focus, any type, please let me know if you're selling
  15. SVT Performance (2002-2004)
    So I found a supercharger for a 2.0-3.5 L engine, it says for a Toyota or GM but I’ve hear it should work for any 2.0. It’s a aisin sc-14. I was wondering if that would work on my 02’focus svt given i set it up right and everything. Would that be fairly easy. I don’t want a turbo, I like the...
  16. Focus SVT
    So my buddy blew the motor in his 02 windowed the block snapped the timing belt so its fubar. What direction should I go? Should I find an EcoBoost and an mtx? Or should I find a duratec and boost it? The car itself is pristine for the year and it had around 130k when it went. Just looking for...
  17. MK1 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    I was wondering if you could put the svt seats and door panels and maybe the center console with the heated seat controls in a 2006 zx3 or would anything not line up correct. The cars electric blue and I would like to have the blue and black svt seats
  18. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Discussion time... So I have a 2009 SE manual coupe, 149k mi on the OEM suspension. Factory front and rear sway bars (21/20mm F/R, respectively). I have always thought this car was really soft, it dives when I brake at almost any speed, squats under acceleration in all gears, and wallows...
  19. Vehicles For Sale
    I have a 2003 Focus SVT for sale in Utah. I'm asking $2,200.00. This car is in great shape and runs awesome. I've kept up on all maintenance. It will need a windsheild. Please DM me if you're interested.
  20. Focus SVT
    So I just recently purchased my first SVT. It was pretty neglected by the previous owner but I didn't mind the project. I've fixed 80% of the issues however this one is really giving me some issues. The issue: When driving down the road there is a very loud clunking noise the car makes. It's...
1-20 of 217 Results