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  1. Vehicles For Sale
    Under the hood: Turbo: Turbo was purchased and originally installed and tuned by Tom Custom T3 Turbocharger by Turbonetics Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold Wastegate (Turbonetics DeltaGate II) Greddy BOV 2 1/2" Down-Pipe for Turbo 1 7/8" Down-Pipe for Wastegate -Front Mount Intercooler - 3"...
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    Hello, Selling my 2004 Ford Focus SVT Sonic Blue 3dr 164,000 Miles. She's in rough shape, and currently doesn't run, due to Intake valves bent open. Body: 2/10 the body is rusting (quite badly) and it's most noticeable on the Passenger door, which won't close properly due to the latching...
  3. Want To Buy
    Im looking for anything with the MK1 style body, preferably a ZX3 but will consider any others. I am currently deployed so i wont be able to get to your comments very quickly. but im looking for around 300hp min if it is a little less that's okay i will look at all offers. for sure turbo, not...
  4. ZETEC, SVT & SPI Parts (2000-2004)
    I've got a BBK Throttle Body purchased for my SVT Focus when the TB spring broke. Bought it as a desperate 'out' in case I couldn't fix it.... turns out there's a replacement spring for my Focus Central TB and that I don't need this one anymore. This is exactly what it is: BBK...
  5. Vehicles For Sale
    No longer for sale. Keeping it. Mods close this up. Thanks! New Price! $3700 OBO Car: 2003 Infra-Red 3 Door SVT Focus Location: Billerica, MA Asking Price: $5000 OBO - now $3700 Photos: Flickr locked me out of my account for some reason, so until I can get back in, I'm using Dropbox for...
  6. Want To Buy
    Mine was ruined and I need a new one, anyone in the Chicago/Illinois area selling one?
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1-16 of 30 Results