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  1. General Technical Chat
    do the stock radio in a 2014 ford focus se have a built in feature that limits the output of the subwoofer at high volumes, or is there another reason that the subwoofer is quieter at high volumes?
  2. General Technical Chat
    I recently began having a problem with my car's electrical system. The thing that red flagged it to me was that my amp (powering my sub) would only power on with the car off, but when I turn the car on, the amp goes into protect mode. It had been hooked up the way it was for a long time with no...
  3. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Okay I have an 05 focus se sedan and it's all stock for the moment I've got an old 05/06 f150 factory sub and I'm wanting to conect it to the mp3 headunit but I need schematics any ideas?
  4. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Has anyone successfully installed the Metra Axxess AFSI-02 that let's you retain sync when installing an aftermarket head unit? I'm thinking about doing it and i was wondering if it was more trouble that it was worth.
1-8 of 9 Results