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  1. MK3 Focus
    Anybody know how to turn off Pull Drift Compensation on a Focus? You can only reset it in Forscan. I was wondering if Focccus or UCDS can do it. Thanks.
  2. MK1 Focus
    Hey guys I'm gonna be buying a set to replace my tie rod ends and sway links in the front. Is there any specific brand or manufacturer that makes high quality ones (moog etc.) or can I just buy the cheap ones off amazon and be good? Any advice and input is appreciated. My steering is getting...
  3. Ford Focus Purchasing Center
    Hey guys, So I have a 2006 Ford Focus Zx4, 4 door sedan. I'm working on putting some basic mods on this, but before I do anything I need a solid Steering wheel or steering cover. (cover would be best.) I've purchased 2 now, and they don't seem to fit whatsoever because of the bulkiness of the...
  4. MK1 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Looking for something like this: I know I would need a new hub but what else would I need and has anyone done something like this?
  5. General Technical Chat
    Well My Buddy Phildog Died and We went out to Mojave to Have a party ROLLCALL in his name. I was going kinda fast thew the woopie do's and hit a few good bumps, got stuck in the Sand. Had all four wheels off the ground. Just had a little too much fun My car is fine ... I know you may be...
1-5 of 5 Results