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steering wheel
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  1. General Technical Chat
    My 2013 Focus SE started to jerk to the left and right while I was driving. It turns off my traction control every time it jerks as well. What could be causing this? I’ve already considered the driveshaft, is there anything else I should consider checking?
  2. General Technical Chat
    2010 manual Focus SE with no cruise control on the steering wheel, is there a way I could swap a steering wheel with cruise control and get it to work? I’ve heard I would possibly need Ford to activate the data in the computer but I’m unsure. Are there any steps or other components needed if...
  3. Ford Focus Purchasing Center
    Hey guys, So I have a 2006 Ford Focus Zx4, 4 door sedan. I'm working on putting some basic mods on this, but before I do anything I need a solid Steering wheel or steering cover. (cover would be best.) I've purchased 2 now, and they don't seem to fit whatsoever because of the bulkiness of the...
1-3 of 4 Results