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start problems
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  1. General Technical Chat
    just all of a sudden didnt want to start, no clicking noise, no lights, wont even go into park. idk fully what im looking for or where to start at.
  2. MK1 Focus
    I have a 2003 Ford Focus SE 2.3L Wagon with 136k miles that shudders/struggles to start up when cold. Any ideas for what to look for? I have 4 new spark plugs New starter New valve gasket cover New fuel filter When I put the dash into test mode, fuel pressure was reading around 40 PSI so I...
  3. General Technical Chat
    i have a 2008 ford focus sedan with auto transmission trying to replace the neutral safety switch but having a hard time figuring out how to disconnect the linkage would love some help.
1-3 of 3 Results