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  1. Manual Transmission swap 05 ST 5 speed to SVT 6 speed

    Focus ST
    Hello, I have an 05 zx4 st (2.3) manual and had a question about the transmission. I may just be a bit paranoid but I have to do a lot of highway driving in the car and it has a very low gearing. At 70 I'm just over 3k rpm, and the car has quite a few miles on it. I know that the SVTs have a 6...
  2. Best oil for daily driver?

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I have a 2007 ZX4 ST. Just want some opinions as to which oil performs the best. This is my daily driver, and I live in the Midwest, so temperatures are a factor. Car is completely stock.
  3. First mods for an 06 zx4 ST

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    Hey everyone, I’m new around here. Just bought a zx4 ST with the intentions of modding it, any thoughts on good first mods? I’ve heard that the suspension on 06+ models of the old ST’s are pretty soft.
  4. Pepper 05 ZX4 ST

    Pepper 05 ZX4 ST

    Pepper is my 05 Focus ZX4 ST. 2.3l 5 speed. 230k miles. Pitch black. Tinted windows. Chrome wheels.
  5. SVT


  6. SVT


  7. SVT


  8. photo4small


    Photo Op after work
  9. Focus Sport (FSWerks) front lip!

    Focus Sport (FSWerks) front lip!

    After 3 years of looking, I found an unused Focus Sport (FSWerks) front lip!
  10. Bored at work.

    Bored at work.

  11. 2011-03-09_20_23_07


    Just a little bright?
  12. 2011-03-09_20_22_35


    8K HIDs and yellow fogs
  13. 2011-03-05_17_22_26


  14. 2011-03-05_17_22_16


    First look at the light combo :)
  15. In the shop.

    In the shop.

    Various pix of my 2006 Ford Focus ST