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  1. SRI for my 07

    Want To Buy
    Looking to buy a short ram intake for my 07 SES, but also don't really have the intentions of paying the 200+ for a brand new K&N or Steeda. If anyone knows of a less expensive alternative or even if other intakes will work please help me out! Thanks!
  2. Intake


    Modded Intake
  3. (09 Focus) Finally got my Steeda SRI and Strut Tower Brace

    Ford Focus Builds & General Showroom
    Yes it's an automatic, no I don't care about your opinion on the fact that it is. [slap] Anyway check out my pics and I included the link to 2 good videos for people curious about how the Steeda will sound(as I was before purchasing it.) I love the sound. Anyway, I added a Massive Strut Tower...
  4. CAI or SRI?

    DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    I know a bit about the differences between a cold air intake, and a short ram intake, but I want some people's input who have experienced either or! I am driving an '03 Duratec, and i currently have a Magnaflow 2.25" cat-back exhaust. Will either intake change the exhaust note, or will I only...
  5. Basic Bolt-ons: Intakes and Induction

    DURATEC Performance (2008-2011)
    One of the first aftermarket parts folks like to install on their cars are aftermarket intakes. An aftermarket intake in most cases removes the stock airbox and replaces it with more of a free flowing setup. In this Topic I will go over what kind of intakes are out there and the pros and cons of...