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  1. General Technical Chat
    As I've read and searched it seems there is always a question as to where the PCV valve is located on the various Foci. So I decided to snap a picture or three and share with anybody who is interested. I may be re-inventing the wheel but here it is just the same. It is located in the back of...
  2. SPI Performance (2000-2004)
    I saw the sticky for the other fuel pump install (SVT) but none for the SPI. I've seen a few threads mention about the special ford tool vaguely and some stuff about cutting tabs(?) Anyone have anything concrete-it seems it shouldn't be to far from the SVT install after jacking the car and...
  3. General Technical Chat
    I have an 00 spi se that ive had for a little under a year. its major issue has been that on hard stops, the car will randomly stall out. I looked around online and saw a few suggestion: battery or ground loose-they seem to be ok, and while the battery light does come on when the car stall,the...
1-3 of 5 Results