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  1. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    So I just installed a new set of speakers in my zx3 and the back right speaker started to raddle so opened it back up and tightened the screws it stopped it abit so I went back in and found it was the 1 screw that was making it raddle and it won't tighten anymore so I put a tiny pice of rolled...
  2. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    So I have a 2007 zx3 and both the rear and front speakers are 6x8 and I'm looking at getting the Pioneer TS-A682F speakers but crutchfiled says they fit the back door and nothing about the front door but both my speakers are 6x8 wouldn't they fit both or is there somthing I am missing here?
  3. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    Are there any good 4 way speakers out that for 6x8 or 5x7 ive been looking and all the ones that i find seem to be discontinued im looking to upgrade my stock ones in my car also i am located in canada so has to diliver to canada
  4. Door Panel at Night

    Blue LED lit speaker door panel and switches
1-4 of 4 Results