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  1. MK2 Focus
    Hello all! I’m excited to actually finally have joined the Fanatics forum. I am apart of a lot of Facebook groups of the same sort centred around Focuses, but never thought to join the official forum. Anyways, my situation: two days ago my beloved 2010 SE was totalled. Someone slammed their...
  2. Painted housing with hid kit

    Just finished painting my headlight housings and installed a 6k hid kit, now installing the fog lights
  3. Focus

    A sad SES I found at a junkyard in MN
  4. Laina's 09 SES

    Close up of the plasti dipped tail lights. I taped off a design sort of following the led tail light pattern so I already knew it would look good...
  5. Laina's 09 SES

    Plasti dipped dash. Was all silver (gross). Black, silver metalizer, with a lace design and glossed. One of many plasti dip projects.
  6. Laina's 09 SES

    My plasti dip projects so far. So sexual.
  7. 09 SES

    Fresh paint on my love, was black. New rims as well. So sexy.
  8. 09 SES

    Newly painted and tail lights plasti dipped
  9. 2006 ZX4 SES

    After PlastiDip'd grille
  10. 2006 ZX4 SES

    Stock Surround with new deck
  11. what iv done so far

    2006 zx4 ses: what iv got done so far is tokiko struts and eibach lowering springs for a 2'' drop in the front and a 2.2 inch drop in the rear. steeda short throw short shifter, svt rims, window tint, and straight pipe. will post more pics when i do more thanks for looking comments apreiciated
  12. First Photo

    2005 Ford Focus ZX4 SES, w/ Ford OEM Bra. Brand new Pirelli P4's and fresh from the car wash. My very first photo on Focus Fanatics!
  13. 2009 Focus Coupe SES

    leather interior
  14. Ford Focus Builds & General Showroom
    Just bought my car two weeks ago today. Took it right out of the showroom, I'll add more pics later when I get home...
1-16 of 18 Results