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  1. Ford Focus Purchasing Center
    Hey everyone, new to the forum and got a few questions I was wondering how many of y'all have a '12-'14 Focus SE (not hb) and modded it? Also if you have where did you find the parts? And stupid question will ST or RS parts fit the SE because it's not a hb?
    rs se st
  2. DURATEC Parts (2003-2011)
    Update- price reduced to 1600 obo need to sell asap I have a FSwerks turbo kit for sale. Turbo, manifold, downpipe, intercooler/piping, injectors, air filter, intake, catch can, oil lines, etc. came off running car. Located near Omaha NE. It came off a 2010. No tuner included, afr and boost...
    $160 USD
  3. MK3 Focus
    Not sure if this is the right tag cause I’m a brainlet but then again here I am. I saw this post “Current options for Focus SE tuning and it’s telling me to buy SCT X4 with a custom tune of focus power and the guy will make a custom tune for me and I was just wanting to make sure this info is...
  4. MK3 TSB, Recall & Problems Archive
    Hello, So about a week ago I got home and went to put my e brake on, it wouldn’t engage when pulled and I could move it from side to side. It was very loose or sloppy feeling. If I push it to the side and slowly pull it’ll sometimes stay up but if I bump it at all it falls back down. I’ve been...
  5. Car Audio, SYNC, MyFord Touch & Electronics
    so i am driving and suddenly my speakers will let out a loud scratching sound and no longer function. however thee radio and tuner function, just no audio. I saw similar issues with other Focus SE, but did not se solution. i own 2014 ford focus SE 111505 miles.
  6. MK3 Focus
    Wondering if anyone has bought this grille or knows exactly how it would fit.e
  7. MK3 Focus
    So for the past month I noticed my coolant level kept going below the minimum mark on my 2012 focus se, so I finally decided to take a look under the car and tracked it down to this area This is on the driver side of the car, i couldnt find a drip after letting the car warm up but the whole...
  8. My Base 2012 Ford Focus SE

    I haven't done too many mods yet to my 2012 Ford Focus SE, I hope my new rims arrive soon and I can't wait to tint and paint the rest of my roof and trunk black! The Only mods I have at the moment of this photo are: Seicane Android head unit. Orion XTR122D Sub-woofer. Black Foglight covers.
  9. DURATEC Ti-VCT Performance (2012-Current)
    I've been searching around on previous threads and I haven't come across a ton of information. (Maybe that's a sign?) I wondered if running nitrous on these is at all possible and safe at a certain point? It seems like wet shots may be the way to go. Obviously you wouldn't want to go buck wild...
  10. General Technical Chat
    Hey guys- I'm new to the forum and recently had a check engine light pull code P0456. After doing some research, I determined that it is most likely the Fuel Vapor Purge Valve that needed to be replaced, and Ford issue a couple recalls that this could possibly fall under. I took it to the...
  11. MK3 Focus
    Does anybody know if the Zetec Rear valance will fit on the 2016 SE Hatchback models? Is there any difference in the stock rear valance between the 2012-2014 and the 2015+? Thanks,
  12. General Technical Chat
    As demonstrated in this video , my focus is unlocking itself. Even when both key fobs are out of range, or the key is in the ignition, the car will unlock itself. The car will stay locked if the car is turned on, but it will unlock once the car turns off. I have tried turning off the Autolock...
  13. 2014 Focus SE Hatch

    First pictures 5 minutes after buying!
  14. 2014 Focus SE Hatch

    First pictures 5 minutes after buying!
  15. 2014 Focus SE Hatch

    First pictures 5 minutes after buying!
  16. 2014 Focus SE Hatch

    First pictures 5 minutes after buying!
  17. my focus

    when I first got my car
1-18 of 86 Results