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  1. New Members Check In!
    Hello everyone. I'm from michigan and have the only 2012 ROUSH stage 3 focus made. Google it, all you find is a concept article. I have emails from ROUSH confirming this as well. But unfortunately the supercharger for it has been removed and it seems to be impossible to find a replacement...
  2. Want To Buy
    Gents, Looking for these for my 2006. Preferable black but color doesn't matter. I just need them with no cracks at all and minor scratches or less. Willing to pay to ship from anywhere including Alaska, Hawaii, England, Canada, etc. Please let me know. Thanks in advanced guys.
  3. Ford Focus Builds & General Showroom
    Washed and waxed the roush for 4 hrs today. that mother power ball thing is pretty kool. used it with the nxt tech 2.0 wax. broke out all the camera gear, haven't done a shoot in a while! can't wait to get the rest of the stripes and the scoop on! Enjoy :)
  4. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Well today i put on my Roush Front and Rear Struts and springs and my SVT Rear Sway Bar (had no sway bar previously). It took 8 hrs and had to fabricate 4 pieces (see below). It was a fun job, and really not that hard. Had no real problems and i am liking the results (and can't wait for...
  5. MK1 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Well my usual how long it took and how awesome roush rant placed here. So the other day i got my roush gauges in the mail from North Coast (thanks guys) and decided to swap the units so that my gauges (factory) would have the roush appearance but still be my gauges with my mileage and flash...
  6. MK1 Focus
    So i just got my bumper and it did not come with any instructions or fog lights. My old bumper on my zx3 had fogs so i am assuming i just put new fogs in a wire as such. But i was doing some research and saw this. Does the roush fogs require special wiring? I know their bigger than the stock 05+...
  7. Focus Side2

  8. Focus Side1

  9. Focus Front

1-9 of 19 Results