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  1. MK3 Focus
    I am currently driving a 2014 focus titanium and last week went to swap out the halogen headlights and fog lights to LEDs as I have recently found myself driving a fair bit on dark rural roads. The low beams and fog lights have had no issues since install however when installing the high beams I...
  2. General Technical Chat
    14 SE Hatchback. Replaced BCM at 98000 miles because it burnt out due to corrosion. (Engine wouldn't turn off, if you started it twice the tranny didn't work right. If you unplugged the battery every time before you started it the car ran fine). Paid $300 for a new one from ford direct and it...
  3. MK1 Focus
    Hey, so I am having a couple problems with my HID's. First thing... I bought a combination HID/Projector headlight assembly from here... I have them installed and i love them except for sometimes the first start up of the day they will both...
1-3 of 3 Results