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  1. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Debadged and sorta customized. Next task is attempting to remove the Ford logo and keeping everything nice.
  2. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Close up of the area I'm trying to remove. Trying to see if there's a way I can replace the piece the Ford logo sits on to remove it. Possible sand and paint from junkyard if that piece comes off.
  3. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Rear, while it still had the badges. I don't need no stinking badges.
  4. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Rear left angle. Dent above the rear tire visible. Need to get that fixed.
  5. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Fancied up the nose with a dive plate. Color looks good. Still need to buy replacement grill without Ford logo on it.
  6. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Front left corner of the car.
  7. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Right down the nose. Rocking a little Yellow Submarine from the mirror.
  8. 2007 ZX4 ST

    Front right corner of the car when I got it. Plenty of dings in the hood from the previous owner. Debating carbon fiber hood replacement.
1-8 of 8 Results