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  1. General Technical Chat
    Just got a "brake bulb failure" warning this morning on my 2015 Focus Titanium. Checking it out, I find that the right side brake light turns on for a very short time, less than a second, then turns off. Swapped right side bulb assembly to left side and it worked as it should there. What...
  2. Want To Buy
    I’m looking to buy an SVT front bumper in fairly good condition. The SVT I’m restoring has the front bumper too damaged to repair, so hopefully someone has one in a lot better shape. Let me know what you have and show me pics and we can negotiate.
    $250 USD
  3. MK3 Focus
    Hi all I have recently purchased a Focus Mk 3 Estate, Titanium X, 2.0TDCI 160, 13 plate, 38k on the clock. Lovely car, just getting used to it. However, one issue is causing me some concern, and I'd be grateful for collective views / wisdom / experience. Once you reach 20mph a deep rumble...
1-6 of 8 Results