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  1. IMG_1887

    Here's a better look at the mechanism.
  2. IMG_1886

    After rod was carefully removed.
  3. IMG_1885

    Locking rod intact.
  4. IMG_1884

    After removing The window switch needs to be re-installed if you want or need to operate the window. Even from the driver's seat, this needs to be installed to work.
  5. Door handle cable

    Shown after removing the cable from the handle and the white plastic collar from the bracket. The door panel should now be free of the car. Keep pulling straight out to release the plastic fasteners, and note that it goes into the window channel at the base of the window.
  6. Window switch

    Remove the window switch and begin to pull the panel off. The fasteners should be pulled straight out toward you.
  7. Sail panel

    Pry/pop this out
  8. Rear edge

    The screw on the rear edge with door open.
  9. Bottom edge

    There's another Phillips screw on the bottom edge of the door. My door is obviously open at this point.
  10. Rear edge

    If your door won't open: There's a screw cover on the rear edge of the door which you'd pop open, then you'll need a right angle screwdriver to remove the screw. Not fun.
  11. Panel behind door handle.

    Pop this out, then remove the third Torx screw.
  12. First steps

    Rock it up from the rear first. No tools needed for me. Then the trim that that covers the handle and two T30 Torx screws.
  13. Tools

    These are the tools I used. A T30 Torx and a #2 Phillips are required. A right angle Phillips if you can't get the door open. I used the straight blade screwdriver for prying though you're supposed to use something else.
1-15 of 15 Results