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  1. Focus SVT
    Edit: For anyone looking, the Ford part numbers are 3l2z-3f886-ba and 3l2z-3f886-aa thanks to @pbfoot I will be testing generic nitrile o rings and will update with my results. Edit2: Once I was able to get it in the air after getting home I noticed it was actually leaking out of both sides of...
  2. MK1 Focus
    My 2000 ZX3 (Zetec) developed a power steering leak at the pump housing, so needed a new pump. The pump swap was easy enough, however, upon reassembly, it now leaks where the high pressure line threads into the pump itself. Fluid appears to be leaking between the line and union nut. I've...
  3. General Technical Chat
    ok my pressure line is leaking all over the belt and causing it to not to turn the pullies the way it should. i filled up the reserve to the max about 6pm and then at 10pm left to go to work and half way to work which is 5 miles it's back to no fluid left. when i got to work that's when i...
1-3 of 5 Results