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  1. Vehicles For Parts
    I recently bought a 2002 Focus SVT from this person back in December. He sent me a message on 4/6/22 saying he just got this red 2004 Focus SVT. Call or text Jimmy at EHE Auto Sales for more info. He says it does run and drives well but was in an accident. It looks like it can be used for parts...
  2. New Members Check In!
    I want to say hi and hope you guys can help me with a 2002 Focus SVT in Sonic Blue I just bought and plan on building it back to factory. Currently in the process of getting it shipped from Michigan to Texas. This will be my second Focus SVT. My first one was a 2002 silver 3 door that I only had...
  3. MK2 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Hi guys! I'm a new owner of a Ford Focus 2007 1.8L FlexiFuel. I really want to change some parts out for a better experience like overhead lights (module and bulb), stereo, better windshield washer etc, but also bigger things if possible, like the side mirrors with the indicator lights in them...
  4. ZETEC, SVT & SPI Parts (2000-2004)
    Check below! Lots b. Plattville, WI 53818 c. See prices below ALL OBO d. Message me, I will send more than the generic ones if worried about wear and tear, such on (Which I get) e. Me (Kyle McWilliams) f. Call/ Text (608)330-0038 or message me on here 1. AEM Short Ram with blue Spectre...
  5. ZETEC, SVT & SPI Parts (2000-2004)
    sold sold sold sold sold sold
  6. Want To Buy
    I am looking for some parts for my recent Comp Orange SVt zx5 purchase... Living here in the rust belt, I need: Hatch, not faded and no rust, decent condition Bumper, pretty faded, is cracked slightly Drivers side rocker, paint missing Passengers side door, some rust Possibly a back fender
  7. Want To Buy
    I am looking for a svt front bumper and grille in Ontario. Silver would be nice but I'm at the point where I'll take any color.
1-7 of 20 Results