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  1. Sound System

    My Blue Candy 2012 Focus SE with Select Shift Sport Model
  2. Sound System

    Focal AI 25 Subwoofer
  3. Sound System

    JL Audio Bass Wedge Box with Focal AI 25 Sub 10 inch LOUD
  4. Sound System

    Full System Set Up in spare tire well yep NO SPARE anymore LOL
  5. Sound System

    Audio Control OEM Integration LCQ-1 with ACCU-Bass this thing it the bomb NO Roll Off in bass
  6. Sound System

    1 of the Focal Crossovers for 165 V30's
  7. Sound System

    One of the HiFonics Eagles 4 Channel Bridged 4 Ohm Mono 150 Watts pushing Front Speakers Focal 165 V30 30th Annniversary and 2nd Eagle 4 Channel Bridged 4 Ohm Mono 150 Watts pushing the Focal IC 165 in Rear
  8. Sound System

    HiFonics Falcon Bridged 4 Ohm Mono 280 Watts pushing Focal AI 25 Subwoofer in JL Audio Bass Wedge Box
  9. Sound System

    Old Skool HiFonics and Audio Control LCQ-1 OEM Integration with ACCU-Bass
1-9 of 9 Results