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  1. MK2 Focus
    My airbag light came on and I ran the scanner and it came back as code B2293-E0. I checked all the connectors and everything is hooked up and undamaged. I couldn’t seem to find any documentation about what this specific code means. Any thoughts?
  2. MK3 Focus
    Ive recently purchased a 2013 focus estate zetec s im going to do some personal security but in order to do so i need a diagram of the obd2 port ,can anyone help with the specific diagram PLEASE (THANKS IN ADVANCE)
  3. In-car ODB2 on Samsung Tab7

    Scantools OBD2 MX with Torque APP on Samsung Tab7 mounted on RAM Mounts arm! Pretty damn useful! Day and night...
1-3 of 3 Results