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  1. MK3 Focus
    Hi guys, I just finished installing a flasher on my third brake light and realized a few things,1st is that it was incredibly easy and 2nd there is no post about this that i could find other than a post a few years back asking about how to do it. There's 2 Torx (T20-30) screws one on each...
  2. DURATEC Ti-VCT & EcoBoost Ti-VCT Parts (2012-Pres)
    Hey, I just got a 2015 2.0L and idk what mods I should do. It’s a little slow taking off. Any recommendations to make it a little quicker/responsive? I also don’t want to totally void the warranty lol.
  3. DURATEC Ti-VCT Performance (2012-Current)
    Hey all, long time lurker/first time poster here. My name is Ryan and I recently started doing some modifications for my focus out of my home garage. I’m interested in a mix of visual aesthetic and some slight performance gains and have an K&N 69-3517TS CAI and an ST-style spoiler from eBay that...
  4. MK3 Focus
    TL;DR, Does anyone make aftermarket tail lights for a 2018 SE Sedan? I got my 18 focus se sedan back in January and thought I'd start doing some basic cosmetic mods, but I've already run into a problem. Every aftermarket tail light set I find are only for the hatchback. The only set I've found...
  5. General Technical Chat
    Hi all- this is my first post to this forum. My name is Eli. I've just bought a used 2016 Focus SE Hatchback, and I'm looking to modify a few small things and overall just improve performance and add some customization. Firstly, I'd like to swap out the current stock headlight bulbs for xenon...
1-5 of 5 Results