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  1. MK3 Focus
    I checked for any old threads on this and saw none so here goes. My 18x8.5 +43 wheels fit okay but they tuck just a tiny bit too much for my taste. Could I safely run 8mm spacers without installing extended studs? I just moved to college so I have basically no tools and no space to work on my...
  2. MK3 Focus
    I’ve seen recently while looking around on the internet that there are “performance racing chips” that claim to add up to 60 HP and a big ol change in MPG. I’ve heard in past time about racing chips in F150s here and there but I have no knowledge with them what so ever. Are they really what they...
  3. MK3 Focus
    I bent and cracked my driver side chrome weather strip cover backing out of my garage...I slightly hit the handle bars of snowblower...tight fit in garage. Has anyone removed and replaced one of these before? I found a link to purchase a new one here: Belt Weather-Strip - Ford (BM5Z-5821453-B)...
  4. General Technical Chat
    I've got a P144A code in my 2016 SE. Most of the info I can google up comes back around to the recall over fuel tank collapse. I've already had the service under the recall a couple months ago, so it should be unrelated. (although this code came on before and was wiped during the recall...
  5. MK3 Focus
    For a while now my Focus SE windshield wipers (fronts) have had a mind of their own. Regardless of switch position they will go at full speed. Even in the off position. Sometimes they wont come on at all. Usually I just pull out the fuse, number 18 in the engine box, and forget it until it...
  6. 2013 Ford Focus

    Trying to keep it mostly stock looking. Pictures aren't too old maybe a month or two old. Have since finished lowering the rear and cleaned the car up. Looks way better.
1-6 of 6 Results