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  1. Making my 08 louder

    MK2 Focus
    So I recently just got a 2008 focus SE coupe and I'm looking to make it louder. I dont want it screaming loud, I would just like it to be heard. Ive looked around but I'm very new to online shopping for parts and I know it can be very hit or miss. So if someone could help me out a bit that would...
  2. Duratec Problems

    MK2 Focus
    Hello! This is my first post, as this is my first focus. I have a 09 SES 5 Speed with 170k miles. The car runs awesome. Motor doesn’t seem to have any problems, no check engine codes. But recently as I was driving it, I felt a loss of throttle response and it seemed the car had a hard time...
  3. 2008-11 (MK2, US) Focus ForScan/foCCCus

    General Technical Chat
    Hi all, I own a North-American 2009 Focus SE Coupe, and am looking into purchasing an ELM327 adapter and getting started with ForScan and foCCCus. Here are a few tweaks I am preliminarily interested in: Enabling Cruise Control (Buttons already installed. Dealer will IDS-enable it for $100, but...
  4. Comprehensive 2008-11 SVT Suspension Upgrade Thread

    Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Discussion time... So I have a 2009 SE manual coupe, 149k mi on the OEM suspension. Factory front and rear sway bars (21/20mm F/R, respectively). I have always thought this car was really soft, it dives when I brake at almost any speed, squats under acceleration in all gears, and wallows...
  5. ‘08/09 “OEM” Dome Light Detailed Install Thread

    MK2 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    Yes...I know the issue of 2008-09 Foci missing rear dome lights from the factory has been addressed already. In fact this thread is inspired largely by DarderSauce’s write-up on how he installed LED stripping along the back window. I liked that idea, but I really like to keep everything looking...