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  1. MK2 Focus
    Hello all! I’m excited to actually finally have joined the Fanatics forum. I am apart of a lot of Facebook groups of the same sort centred around Focuses, but never thought to join the official forum. Anyways, my situation: two days ago my beloved 2010 SE was totalled. Someone slammed their...
  2. MK2 Focus
    Hi guys I currently own a Ford Focus Mk2.5 (facelift) with the 2Diesel engine. The car used to be a AT but has since been converted to a MT. The original specs of the car are 320Nm and 136HP. Can the clutch handle around 180HP and around 420Nm if someone has done something similar and has...
  3. MK2 Focus
    Hey all! I’ve got a 2010 MK2 focus and I’m looking to replace the trans mount and passenger side upper motor mount. I recently installed a very stiff poly massive speed system wishbone lower motor mount. I’m not looking to go poly for the other two. What brands other than motorcraft are decent...
1-3 of 3 Results