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  1. Brakes & Suspension
    Best offer. Brand new in box Ford Performance SVT Damper Kit for all 2005-07 Ford Focus models excluding the wagon. Includes front dampers with strut mount spring seats and rear dampers. Bought for project but have since sold the car. Will ship to the states.
    $0 CAD
  2. Brakes & Suspension
    Hi Folks, I have a set of Eibach Performance lowering springs (Pro-kit) up for sale. Avg Low 1.4"F 1.5"R I installed these and drive the car for a week and bought the Sportline kit now. Let me know if any one is interested, PM me to discuss the price and shipping options. -nsg PS check out...
  3. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    I have a 2005 ZX4. About a year ago I picked up some springs from a 2004 Saleen Focus (for $100) and had them installed professionally on my car. It lowered my car about 1.5 inches. Everything else on my suspension is stock besides an added rear sway bar from a '07 ZX3. The ride is great and the...
  4. Wheels & Tires
    Hey Guys I have quite a bit of questions, does anybody know if he's still selling the loweing kit for $380? I thought they used to have a sponser forum on here. I believe it's the frrp kit that lowers 1.5', how does that compare to the eibach? I've also heard that eibach manufactures that kit?
  5. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    I am going to lower and put front/rear sways on my Focus. I'm split between Koni and Eibach. What do you guys think?
  6. Brakes, Suspension & Body Chassis
    Are the next thing to go on for me. Does anyone have pictures of a 2 inch drop from Eibach Springs?
1-6 of 9 Results