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  1. Fanatics: Texas
    the SVT is gone. I let it go back. i had it for 2 years, owed 12,000+ on it had to pay 1,600 to get it back, and the car was worth somewhere around 7k or 8k. not worth it in my eyes. its being auctioned off next month supposedly if someone wants to go get it :cough: chuck :cough:. so i need...
  2. North East Fanatics
    hey everyone, some may know that i installed the procharger that i had. and now i need to dyno tune this baby.... so can some one get me Performance-DYNO's info... phone number will be the only thing i need. i know where his shop is at already. ----OR---- IF anyone know of hte Dyno Shop...
  3. SVT Performance (2002-2004)
    I know there is already a thread dedicated to this but it doesnt really help... I want to buy a ecu tuner for my focus but dont know which one. Any help? I want better throttle response, traction control to actually TURN OFF, the rpm's to not lag to four grand before they pick up, you know just...
  4. Rocky Mountain Fanatics
    if you have something to say and your in the rocky mtn region then this is the spot for you.
  5. North East Fanatics
    not my car but i think there might be a couple more cars posting this soon. enjoy[thumb] before after
  6. Fanatics: KY, NC, SC
    Who's in and where do you guys want to meet? Hey lets get this going guys. I may not be driving depending on when it is, I'll be there in a focus one way or the other though. LOL! I would like to see this meet in the Charlotte area. We seem to have better turn outs that way. I am up for whatever...
  7. Mid West Fanatics
    allright here it is a new thread for a g2g on april 26th we are going to be blazin the twisties on this fine day so if you are interested please come and join up with us. stock or not we welcome all we dont discriminate. as long as its a focus you are welcome. we will be meeting at the conoco on...
  8. Mid Atlantic Fanatics
    The next Viney garage day will be on Saturday April 18th. Rules and suggestions will be posted shortly. Just getting the date out there. TIME: If you have a lot of stuff to do plan on showing up early IE: between 9-10 AM. ADDRESS: Please PM me for address! Please no BIG JOBS (axles...
  9. General Forced Induction
    how come you can not use a walbro fuel pump like everyone else to get the fuel up in the focus
  10. Mid Atlantic Fanatics
    MAP: CLICK ME! It's that time again! ROUTE 250 here we come.[cool] Last year was such a big success that this year we are planning on doing it again. Everyone that went had a blast and here's to hoping it's even better this time around. You can see pics from 2008 HERE. DATE: Saturday...
  11. Fanatics: SoCal
    Our small focus group usually have our weekly thurs meets here in the valley. I'm just extending the invitation to you guys so we can grow bigger. It will be at around 7-8ish on Plummer/Corbin. If anyone wants to go feel free to chime in or else pm me a contact # in case there's a change of...
1-11 of 17 Results