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  1. General Technical Chat
    I investigated solved this issue with the help of some forum postings and thought someone else might benefit from posting the answer. Our 2002 Focus Mk1 5-door brake lights and tail lights seemed to work OK except that when the tail lights were on, only the left brake light came on while the...
  2. MK3 Focus
    Hi all. Focus mk3.5 titanium 2017 here. Anyone who has lane keep assist in his/her focus. When going into a highway or route, do you notice a "narrowing" on the beamlight so it goes further and only in your lane/direction? I have bixenon, and the lights move up and down and left and right whan...
  3. MK3 Interior Mods & Upgrades
    I want to do some aftermarket headlights/taillights really bad, I’ve seen a few Mk3 focuses with some and it makes the car look so much more aggressive and match the body style... but I don’t know where to get them, I’ve been looking for ages. 2015 Ford Focus SE Sedan. Thank you!
  4. MK3 Focus
    I'm looking to get some aftermarket tail lights that are darker than the bright red oem tail lights for my 2017 Sel Sedan but all I can find are dark led lights from eBay for $400-$500 +$150 shipping from china. They are def nice and what I'm looking for as far as aesthetics go but I'd much...
  5. Ford Focus Builds & General Showroom
    Does anyone know of anywhere that sells JUST the lens part of the headlight? My ST170s are getting very foggy and I would rather replace them than spend money repairing them. Yes, I have opened my headlights up before so I understand the process/time required to do this and if these were...
  6. General Technical Chat
    This car has been acting crazy for over a year now. It's my 2003 Focus wagon with the 2.3 Duratec. The dash lights: engine light, door ajar, seat belt, airbag, abs, and whatever other lights all light up and flicker even without the key in the ignition, and the BCM/GEM beeps randomly when the...
  7. New_Image

    New Addition to the Focus :)
  8. General Technical Chat
    I just ordered fogs for my '03 ZX3 (duratec)!! I am wondering if someone can help me out with how to install em! My car did not come stock with them, but does have the wire harnesses for them. If I just order a new headlight switch that has the switch for the fogs, will I be good to go, or is...
  9. MK1 Focus
    so I had to disattach one of my fogs because it was getting water inside of it... and as I was patching and drying my light out in the sun I noticed that the inside reflection material was flaking off. Does anyone know how to open them up? I wanted to see what I could do to fix them up on the...
  10. Fanatics: Texas
    anyone else here around abilene texas??? lookin to do some bolt ons on my 2000 ZX3. just got magnaflow cat back and short ram intake installed now. any ideas on some easy power adders???? i have an Auto, lame i know.
  11. General Technical Chat
    Since my ohm meter quit working i need some help on determining what wires to splice into. i have a 2000 ZX3. on the left tail light i got orange W/ white strip and a solid light blue wires. right side tail light is light blue W/ red strip and solid orange. trailer lights are: yellow= left turn...
1-12 of 19 Results