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  1. MK2 Focus
    Hello.I had this problem since I bought the car(second-hand Hatchback from 2006). Even tough my lights are set to the "off" position, the low beams are still on. Things i checked: fuses relays ( i don't know if i checked the right one) replaced the lights block with a new one Any ideas or what...
  2. General Technical Chat
    Hi I have no idea what to do, my low beams wont come on and I'm slightly going crazy. My father worked on cars and taught me what I know, but on Feb 9th it will have been a year since he passed and I'm so lost without him. I've checked the fuses, no issues... took apart switch and reconnected it...
  3. Door Panel at Night

    Blue LED lit speaker door panel and switches
  4. Front Driver Side Door at Night

    LED lit speaker and blue LED switches
  5. MK1 Focus
    I just got all of my LED's for the '07 and started on the passenger side. I put in the reverse lights, OK no problem, nice. I put in the rear tail bulb... EWW, first off it flashes fast (due to less current draw) second the LED is dimmer than the old bulb, cause it doesn't reflect off of the...
  6. MK1 Focus
    This thread has been added to the complete how-to Achive!! well, to begin.. ive only been on this site for a couple a months, and thats how long ive had my car[woot] and i must say i loveeee this site[ffrocks] ive gone through so many threads looking at ideas and came up with one.. im not...
  7. General Technical Chat
    Ford Focus 2001(98-01) 2.0L Ghia 55Kmiles Hi all, I haven’t posted before but hope someone out there knows a bit more about this than I do. The ABS and Traction control lights are lit. I managed to get the OBDii code read, it identified a dtc for both rear sensors but nothing for the unit...
1-7 of 9 Results