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  1. MK3 Focus
    Hello everyone, Sorry in advance for my bad english, So i bought this 2014 focus Titanium 2.0 a year ago as i’m a volunteer doctor in africa i needed a car that will be reliable and help me with my work but i guess i did the wrong choice aside from some transmission problems ,i have this oil...
  2. General Technical Chat
    Hi there, I have a 2012 focus hatch and when it rains my spare tyre well fills with water - I have taken off the rear lights, checked and sealed as well as taking the fabric inserted in the plugs out and also sealed the vents under the rear bumper / thought all this would have worked but alas...
  3. MK2 Focus
    Hi, I have noticed an leak on the driveshaft just before doing a oil change. Has anybody any idea what it is? I intend to keep driving with it until it can be looked at by the garage next week. Does it feed off the transmission oil or does it have its own oil supply? Thanks
  4. DURATEC Performance (2003-2007)
    The title says it all anybody got a clue I smell it in the cab
  5. MK3 Focus
    Hi, I have a leak which I think is from the mount for the boot struts. I’ve tried to remove the trim but it seems to be fixed by a latch behind it (See picture). I have removed the screws but can’t find away of un doing this latch. How do I undo this, or am I missing something? Thanks in...
  6. General Technical Chat
    Hey everyone, first post here. I’ve had every generation of focus and I’ve never had a single major problem with any of them. However I just bought a new one and I’m just looking for a little guidance on a possible trans leak. I have 2012 manual focus SEL I bought for quite cheap from auction. I...
  7. General Technical Chat
    hey all im thinking of changing the vacuum lines to silicone ones of a color undecided yet does anyone know what ones i need to look for and sizes of hoses thanks
  8. General Technical Chat
    I understand from the many posts on the issue that the best fix for the most common leak (ie from the bottom plug) is a new metric 7mm ID 3mm dia. O ring. I have a small leak from the top of the housing where the temperature sensor is located. This too has an O ring to make the seal. I have...
1-8 of 10 Results